Twice a Week Curbside Pickup

Monthly Rate


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Yearly Rate

Specializing in waste management (trash and garbage pick up) for Pearl River County, Mississippi.

$28 a month for Twice a week Curbside Pickup

$29 a month for Twice a week Curbside Pickup for all Bush, LA area customers

"A Rich Man's Service at a Poor Man's Price"

Serving Pearl River County

Including Picayune, McNeill, Poplarville, Carriere, Ozona, Walkiah, Henleyfield, Nicholson, Lumberton and are available for Slidell, Pearl River Louisiana

Pay 12 Months in advance and get one month FREE

          You Pay

$336 for 13 months

$348 for 13 months for all Bush, LA are Customers

What we desire from our customers

To try and keep liter down on public roads, we do ask that you bag items such as paper, plastic bags and other items that are hard to contain within our trailers and trucks. We also ask that you please do not make bags too heavy, especially large contractor bags. If bags are difficult for you to lift, chances are they will be difficult for us to throw into our trailers and trucks. Also, please mail checks or money orders to the address on your bill and enclose stub from your bill. Please do not leave payments outside for drivers to pickup, especially cash.

Tired of Picky Pickup?

Smelly Kelly's understands the need of our customers to rid their lives of unwanted trash. Most local trash removal companies place strict bag limits (2 to 3 bags per week) and refuse to take items not bagged and especially large items such as boxes and other items which are not normal household trash. Smelly Kelly's does not impose “strict” bag limits but would ask for no more than 6 to 8 bags per pickup, but this is twice a week so this gives the customer 12 to 16 bags per week. All we ask is not to take advantage of our generosity. Smelly Kelly's will work with customers on large trash pickups such as couches, outdoor furniture and a large line of items and will charge very reasonably for such items. Also, if you are moving in or moving out, you will most likely have need for a bulk pickup of boxes and other unwanted items, we can help.Please call for quotes on bulk and special pickups.